Markets, Speculation and the State

William Janeway’s Far-Ranging Seminar on Fundamental Debates in Innovation and Finance

Inspired by the second edition of his book, Doing Capitalism (forthcoming), INET co-founder William Janeway covers a range of topics in this “innovation bootcamp” workshop: the relationship between the development of new technologies and state support, the interplay between government and private financial interests in financing new technologies, crypto currencies and the “perverse, contradictory, hubristic tendencies of the entrepreneurs” involved, types of financial bubbles, and the relationship between economics and finance as disciplines. The presentation is followed by a Q&A.

Janeway is an Affiliated Member of the Economics Faculty of Cambridge University and Senior Advisor and Managing Director at Warburg Pincus. He gave the seminar as part of the “Innovation, Institutions and Governanceconference for young scholars, hosted by INET’s Young Scholars Initiative’s Economics of Innovation Working Group in partnership with the Ragnar Nurske Department of Innovation of Governance, Tallin University of Technology, in Tallinn, Estonia, 16-19 September 2017.