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What does Yanis Varoufakis want?

Article | Feb 26, 2015

With the approval of the reform proposals by the Greek government, the Eurozone has returned to calmer waters. But it is only a brief interlude.

Inclusive wealth and the history of GDP

Article | Jul 16, 2012

The International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP) recently published the Inclusive Wealth Report 2012, in which the authors propose a measure of wealth based on the stock of capital present in a country, as opposed to the flow measure of GDP.

Between science and history

Article | Jun 11, 2012

Last Friday, philosophers from the University of Leiden hosted the symposium ‘Between Science and History,’ in an attempt to figure out what the differences are between practicing scientists’ use of history and historians use of history.

Let me tell you everything

Article | May 7, 2012

Our usual problem in history (of economics) is a lack of information.