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Relativist versus absolutist history of economics

Article | Apr 22, 2012

I don’t seem to be able to fully grasp Mark Blaug’s distinction between a relativist and an absolutist approach to the history of economics – first introduced in Economic Theory in Retrospect (1962) – and that is a source of much frustration.

@INET Berlin: Paradigm Regained

Article | Apr 14, 2012

The title of the conference, “Paradigm Lost,” is an obvious combination of two references.

@INET Berlin: Doing the actual work

Article | Apr 12, 2012

While yesterday presented a number of frontrunning scientists discussing current economics and state of the economy in general, academic terms, today starts with ECB executive board member Asmussen.

@INET Berlin: The Great Divide

Article | Apr 12, 2012

Behind all the technical language and the common theme of bashing bankers, there remains the Great Divide between Germans and the rest.