Annamaria Simonazzi is Professor of Economics at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where she is the director of the Master in Economics and local coordinator of the European Phd in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies. She presides the Scientific Committee of the Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, a research institute carrying out research activities, technical assistance, and capacity building in the fields of labour, economics, development and culture in Europe. She is co-director of the journal Economia & Lavoro and member of the editorial board of the web magazine

Her research interests range from macroeconomics, to social policy, gender and labour economics. Recent publications include: Economic relations between Germany and Southern Europe, The Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2013 (co-authored); Change in care regimes and female migration. The ‘care drain’ in the Mediterranean, Journal of European Social Policy, 2006 (co-authored); Italy: Continuity and Change in Welfare State Retrenchment in D. Vaughan-Whitehead (Ed.), The European Social Model in Crisis – Is Europe losing its Soul?, Edward Elgar 2015.

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Social investment for inclusive growth: a Southern European perspective

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2015

Inequality has emerged as a major economic issue: sharp increases in the share of income going to those at the very top of the income distribution, a rising share of income going to profits, stagnant real wages, and a fall in median family income have raised concern over the sustainability of our economies and societies.

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