Social Choice Theory

    In the sixty-five years since Arrow's Impossibility Theorum, economists have questioned how we think about utility, individuals and communities. Using philosophical, mathematical and other toolkits, our scholars explore the nature and role of preference maps and utility theory in economics today.

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    Economics of Money & Banking: Part Two

    Introduction to a “money view” of economic activity for modern times, building on the intellectual traditions of British central banking and American institutionalism. Part Two explores connections with foreign exchange and capital markets. Read more

    The Theory of the Firm: Language, Model and Reality

    In a previous post we queried whether the theory of the consumer as developed in the first three chapters of Mas-Colell, Whinston and Green (and indeed other comparable texts) provides anything by way of content beyond what is implied by the abstract description of consumers as agents who are maximizing something. [We did not discuss chapter four, on aggregation of demand, to which we may return later]. As we noted then, a comparable point can be made about the theory of the firm. Read more