Money & Banking

    Modern macroeconomics and finance have both turned their backs on the study of money and banking but, after 2008, we need new economic thinking about money and banking more than ever. We must rediscover, rework and develop the study of banking and central banking, bringing both into the globalization age.

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    Market Volatility and QE2

    The first thing to say about QE2 is that it is a very different operation from QE1. Read more

    Understanding Ireland

    Nov 30, 2010

    Finance & Society

    May 5–6, 2015

    The Good Life

    Sep 7–8, 2013

    New Economic Thinking for an Evolving Financial System

    The global financial system has evolved into a vastly complex architecture over the past decades. Our understanding of its inner workings are limited, and often incoherent, and the policy responses inadequate. Read more