Behavioral Economics

    Research increasingly demonstrates that neoclassical models of human behavior and markets are too narrow. Our researchers are reconnecting with the social sciences, exploring psychology and human behavior in order to develop a more realstic approach to economics.

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    Scarcity, Preferences and Cooperation: A Mimetic Analysis

    In “The Ambivalence of Scarcity” which is my contribution to L’Enfer des choses. René Girard et la logique de l’économie, written by Jean-Pierre Dupuy and originally published in French in 1978, I attempt to apply mimetic theory to modern economics and to economicphenomena, and also to explain why economic issues and economics as a discipline occupy such an important place in the modern world. Read more


    This research project explores how genomic data can inform the understanding of social science questions. The genomic revolution means that social scientists are able to correlate a range of outcomes and behaviors with genes. This research studies what these correlations mean. Read more