Employment & Job Structure

    Where have all the good jobs gone? From corporate governance to globalization, the Institute examines the structural changes and trends that have eroded stable, secure employment opportunities in America and around the world, engaging economic theory and policy prescriptions to find solutions.

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    The Causes of Falling Wage Share and Prospects for Growth with Equality in a Globalized Economy

    This research project analyzes the determinants of wage share, taking account of country-specific institutional aspects, in order to contribute to the theory of distribution, combining insights from political economy, institutional economics, and industrial relations. Read more

    How Financialization Leads To Income Inequality

    The paper referenced in this post, “Financialization and U.S. Income Inequality, 1970–2008,” recently was awarded the 2014 Outstanding Article Award from the Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility section of the American Sociological Association. Read more