William White

William White joined the Bank for International Settlements in June 1994 as Manager in the Monetary and Economic Department, and was Economic Adviser and Head of the Monetary and Economic Department from May 1995 to June 2008.

Prior to coming to the BIS, Mr. White spent 22 years with the Bank of Canada. His first six years at the Bank of Canada were with the Department of Banking and Financial Analysis, first as an economist and finally as Deputy Chief. In1978 Mr. White became Deputy Chief of the Research Department and was made Chief of the Department in 1979. He was appointed Adviser to the Governor in 1984 and Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada in September 1988. Mr. White’s early career was spent at the Bank of England, where he was an economist from 1969 to 1972. Born in Kenora, Ontario in 1943, Mr. White was educated at the University of Windsor and the University of Manchester.


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Why International Financial Regulation Still Falls Short

Article | Aug 5, 2020

Despite post-2008 regulations, the boom-bust credit cycle continues to run wild

International Financial Regulation: Why It Still Falls Short

Paper Working Paper Series | | Aug 2020

Despite post-2008 regulations, the boom-bust credit cycle continues to run wild

Comments by William White on the Presentation by Lord Adair Turner

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2013

In his recent lecture at the Cass Business School, Lord Turner noted that even mentioning the possibility of overt monetary financing was akin to breaking a taboo.

Anatomy of Crisis: Economic Theory, Politics and Policy

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2010

The current economic and financial crisis, and it is both, has already imposed great costs on the global economy. Nor is there any guarantee that we have seen the worst and that recovery is now assured.

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