Perry G. Mehrling


Perry G. Mehrling is professor of economics at Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University. He was professor of economics at Barnard College in New York City for 30 years. There, he taught courses on the economics of money and banking, the history of money and finance, and the financial dimensions of the U.S. retirement, health, and education systems. His most recent book is The New Lombard Street: How the Fed became the dealer of last resort (Princeton 2011). His best-known book Fischer Black and the Revolutionary Idea of Finance (Wiley 2005, 2012) has recently been released in a revised paperback edition. Currently, Prof. Mehrling directs the educational initiatives of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, one of which is his course Economics of Money and Banking, available on Coursera at

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Bagehot on Money: A Bridge Between Bankers and Economists?

Article | Jan 22, 2024

Reinterpreting Bagehot’s mature work as the origin of the key currency tradition

Bagehot’s Classical Money View: A Reconstruction

Paper Working Paper | | Jan 2024

Read in the context of his time, Bagehot’s book Lombard Street appears as an attempt above all to reveal the dynamic of globalization when global money was sterling.

The Rise of the Global Dollar System

Article | Jan 11, 2023

Why does the apparently prescient and correct “key currency” view remain an embattled minority view?

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