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Worrying About the Deficit is So 17th Century

Article | Jun 6, 2018

In “celebration” of the late Pete Peterson’s 92nd birthday (see guest list), an excerpt from 19th Century historian Lord Macaulay’s History of England, on hundreds of years of unwarranted panic about government debt.

A Note on the Gender Disparity in Quoted Experts

Article | Feb 26, 2018

Why women experts are denied the same scholarly authority conferred to men, and what we should do about it

INET Grantee Lazonick’s Research Shapes DC Share Buyback Debate

Article | Dec 22, 2017

Sen. Tammy Baldwin features arguments in questions to SEC nominees, pharmaceutical industry witness

e-Book Launch: Can Dependency Theory Explain Our World Today?

Article | Jun 14, 2017

Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) has released a new e-book, “Conversations on Dependency Theory”