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Global Commission Discusses Tech + the Future of Work in San Francisco

News Feb 13, 2019

The latest meeting of INET’s Commission on Global Economic Transformation addressed the impact of technological change on jobs and society—and how best to harness the power of tech

New Economic Thinking at AEA 2019

News Jan 7, 2019

This year’s American Economics Association conference featured INET researchers, a cocktail reception, and a new interactive poll 

​U.N. Secretary-General Meets with INET Global Commissioners

Article | Nov 12, 2018

António Guterres and CGET Commissioners discuss cooperating on inequality, climate change, multilateralism, and more

Worrying About the Deficit is So 17th Century

Article | Jun 6, 2018

In “celebration” of the late Pete Peterson’s 92nd birthday (see guest list), an excerpt from 19th Century historian Lord Macaulay’s History of England, on hundreds of years of unwarranted panic about government debt.