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Games he likes to play: How to define and measure the economy, innovation, national accounting, intellectual property, development economics and of course the history of economics.

Favourite Toy: Archives and data

Bed-time story: Robert Heilbrohner’s The Worldly Philosophers; Deirdre McCloskey’s Economical Writings

Imaginary Friends: John Maynard Keynes, Daniel Defoe, Charles Davenant, Edward Misselden, Vincent de Gournay, Arthur Young and Simon Kuznets.

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By this expert

How God, Adam Smith, and the invisible hand changes over time

Article | Jan 5, 2012

So with a suitably provocative title I think we can declare 2012 open.

Backhouse and Bateman want Worldly Philosophers, not only dentists; not everyone agrees

Article | Nov 9, 2011

Professors Roger Backhouse and Brad Bateman wrote an op-ed for the New York Times a few days ago, arguing that “thanks to decades of academic training in the “dentistry” approach to economics, today’s Keynes or Friedman is nowhere to be found” - we have stopped thinking big they say.

A call to arms for Historians and Economists...

Article | Sep 2, 2011

The Marshall Lectures often provide thought provoking talks and one talk in particular spoke to me looking at the relationship between history and economics:

Who does original research?

Article | Jul 23, 2011

INET is all about thinking new things, and indeed academia is supposed to inspire great thoughts.