Aaron Freedman

Aaron Freedman is Communications Strategist and Economics Editor at the Institute for New Economic Thinking 

Before joining INET, Aaron was a Senior Account Executive at the communications firm BerlinRosen, where he drove earned and social media strategy and developed content for non-profit research and advocacy groups including the Russell Sage Foundation, Color Of Change, The Intercept, and others.

Aaron was previously a researcher for New York Times economics writer Louis Uchitelle’s book Making It: Why Manufacturing Still Matters (The New Press, 2017). He also worked as a research assistant for Columbia University political scientist Ester Fuchs and sociologist Michael Schudson, the latter on his book The Rise of the Right to Know: Politics and the Culture of Transparency, 1945-1975 (Harvard University Press, 2015).

Aaron has a B.A. from Swarthmore College in History and Political Science. 

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