Call #4 - Economic History

The Economic History Working Group invites young researchers to submit their abstracts for the Economic History Working Group session at YSI North America Convening on February 22nd-24th. Topics for presentations may include (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • “Free Trade under Fire”: trade policy in North America since Independence
  • Financialization in North American history
  • The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 as history*
  • Recovery from past financial crises
  • History of the Federal Reserve System
  • Wage stagnation, secular stagnation, and underconsumption: lessons from history
  • Economic growth: the slowdown of real accumulation after financial crises
  • The history of neoliberalism in North America
  • American Exceptionalism: U.S. nationalism in contemporary and historical episodes
  • Causes and Consequences of Migration in American History
  • The effect of race, gender, and class on political outcomes and financial inclusion in North America
  • The history of capitalism

The Economic History working group encourages papers that offer alternative perspectives and different approaches to economic history. We are particularly interested in applications from young scholars working in the fields of Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. economic history. The sessions aim at providing fertile ground for the future study of North American economic history using diverse perspectives, frameworks, and methodologies. Papers inspired by institutional, feminist, Post-Keynesian and/or Marxian approaches are also welcome.

(*) Joint sessions together with the Financial Stability Working Group. 

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Deadline: 18 December