Call #13 - Complexity Economics

You are invited to submit an abstract for the Complexity Economics Working Group session at the North America YSI Convening.

Complexity has significantly contributed to scientific fields from evolutionary biology to statistical mechanics, and economics is no exception. Where neoclassical economics emphasizes optimization, equilibrium, and efficiency, complexity economics stresses adaptation, emergent properties, and robustness. Thus, macro outcomes are often not only arising from optimizing individuals, but also from the interaction between heterogeneous individual agents.

 Areas of interest for this working group paper session include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Models of complex economic systems
  • Agent-based modeling
  • Network theory, applied and theoretical
  • Philosophy of complexity
  •  Complexity economics

Interdisciplinary work is a key characteristic of the Complexity Economics Working Group, and as such, we encourage submissions across specializations within economics, as well as work from related disciplines, as long as they apply a form of complexity in their approach. We use the term complexity as a broad term that includes simulations, network analysis, complex adaptive systems, and analytical methods. Submissions from all subdivisions of economics or its neighboring disciplines are encouraged.

The major prerequisites for acceptance are completeness and relatedness to complexity economics as a topic. That is, submitted work will most likely be considered if it is fully readable and does not lack substantial sections. Submitting only an abstract is possible, but developed papers are given preference. Submissions from undergraduate and Master students are very welcome but must take the form of a paper as well (including papers extracting the core insights of a thesis).


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Deadline: 18 December, 2018.