Call # 12 - History of Economic Thought

Beyond the great men narrative

For many economists the history of their profession is the history of a few outstanding, mostly male, individuals whose work was crucial in shaping the profession’s agenda and whose names live on in their association with parameters, theories, principles, etc. Much of the work in the history of economic thought has done little to dispute this view as it is still mostly centered on big names and tends to focus on their contributions to economic analysis. A growing segment of the literature, however, has explored the broader context in which economists act, their relationship to public policy debates, the conformation of communities, the construction and diffusion of tools and practices, etc. This work has brought to light a larger cast of characters and offers a richer understanding of the evolution of economics and of its role in society.

As part of our effort to foster this kind of work we invite in particular contributions that challenge the great men narrative. Research on any geographical location or historical period will be considered, and topics may include, among others:

  • Less well-known individuals or groups of people.
  • The history of applied economics and economic policy agencies.
  • The role of economists as policy advisers.
  • The intellectual and political context in which well-known economists carried out their work.

Research on the other topics of the history of economic thought will also be considered.


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Deadline: 18 December

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