Call #10 - Urban and Regional Economics

Urban and Regional Economics in the 21st century

The Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) Urban and Regional Economics Working Group invite you to submit your paper for the YSI North America Regional Convening in Los Angeles, February 22-24, 2019.

We welcome submission from any topic concerning urban and regional issues. Topics for presentations may include:

  • Urban and Regional Sustainability
  • Complexity in Urban and Regional Economics
  • The political ecology of the environment and society
  • Agent-based modeling applied to the Regional Economics
  • Processes for internalizing the environment
  • Techniques for assessing the environmental impact
  • Urban and regional policy instruments
  • Scale and actors in key environmental areas
  • Water-Energy-Food Nexus
  • Sociotechnical energy transitions
  • Climate resilience and adaptation

Our working group is an open and inclusive space for inter- and transdisciplinary discussions on new perspectives on urban and regional studies. We encourage submissions of extended abstracts (~1.000 words) or full papers until December 18th.

This sessions aim at exploring a more pluralistic notion of cities and regions for sustainability, growth, and development. For example, are cities “growth machines”? Is (economic) growth compatible with sustainability? How to achieve a wider (urban and regional) development theory? How to explore aspects of daily life and informal practices? And, how to advance the understanding of globalization and financialization in both Global-South and Global-North and their effects on the regional and urban scale?

Furthermore, we are interested in the theories and techniques that allow contemplating the complex interactions between the social, physical and institutional environments that influence the formulation and implementation of urban and regional policies. More specifically, we are exploring the kind of incentives and information that must be in place for citizens and other agents to achieve sustainable and flourishing cities and regions.

Papers that are at the intersection of urban and regional economics and sustainability have the chance to be presented at a joint session with the YSI Sustainability Working Group.


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Deadline: 18 December