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YSI @ Future of Work Conference

YSI workshop on Basic Income

May 4, 2016 | 6:00 – 13:00 Download .ics

Zurich, Switzerland |


YSI is hosting an informal workshop after the Future of Work Conference which will deal with the concept of universal basic income.

Universal basic income will be on the ballot in Switzerland in June 2016. A few weeks before the referendum, on May 4th, a conference will be held in Zurich, to evaluate whether such a proposal could work. The conference, who has received support from the Institute for New Economic Thinking, will bring together renowned economists, political scientists and business leaders to rethink social systems in an age of digitalization and robotics.

On the day after the workshop, May 5th, YSI will host a workshop to discuss Universal Basic Income and its macroeconomic and fiscal feasibility, as well as its potential impact on society at large.

Deadline to register for the Future of Work Conference as a YSI participant has passed, but the YSI workshop is free and open to all. It is still possible to register for the conference directly (see conference webpage).

Program for YSI Workshop, Thursday, May 5th

10.00 Welcome
10.30Tom Ferguson (INET): How basic income affects the way we perceive “work”
10:50Panel: Perspectives on Universal Basic Income: Tool for redistribution or for financing innovation.
Michael Tanner (Cato), Anthony Painter (RSA London), Guy Standing, Andrea Fumagalli
13.00Andrea Fumagalli: The Unconditional Basic Income as Primary Income: Towards a Remuneration of Social Cooperation
14.00Coffee Break
14:15Guy Standing: Macroeconomic Consequences of Basic Income
15.15Coffee Break
15.40Introduction to YSI
16.00Discussion: Basic income in an international world: technological unemployment, labor mobility and migration.
17.00Workshop ends

Event location

Viaduktstrasse 93, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland