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YSI @ 2016 Trento Festival of Economics "Where growth happens"

This year’s Trento Festival of Economics has the theme “Where growth happens”.

Jun 2–5, 2016 Download .ics

Trento, Italy |

The Young Scholars Initiative and its working groups will be hosting meetings and discussions in and around the 2016 Trento Festival of Economics.

Where growth takes place” is the theme of the eleventh edition of the Festival of Economics, that will be held in Trento from 2 - 5 June 2016.

The festival, which is one of the major events in the Italian cultural scene, aims at bringing the general public closer to economic themes. The Institute for New Economic Thinking will present public lectures (TBD) as part of the Festival program.

YSI will be present with several of its working groups, and host its own program and working group meetings. Our speakers for the YSI program include Thomas Ferguson, Orsola Costantini (both INET), and Teresa Ghilarducci (New School).

YSI Schedule

Location: Lettere Department, University of Trento, Via Tommaso Gar, 14, Trento

Complete Trento Festival Schedule

Thursday, June 2nd


YSI Lecture: Economic History and Concepts — The 1940s [RESOURCES] Orsola Costantini (INET)

PAPER: The Cyclically Adjusted Budget: History and Exegesis of a Fateful Estimate

Mario Seccareccia and Kari Polanyi’s recent article

Antonella Stirati’s post on the Phillips curve


YSI Lecture: When States and Economies Collapse — Theories and Evidence [RESOURCES]
Thomas Ferguson (INET)

Friday, June 3rd


YSI Lecture: Economic History and Concepts — The 1960s and 70s
Orsola Costantini (INET)


YSI Lecture: The Economics of the Welfare State [RESOURCES]
Teresa Ghilarducci (New School) | Discussant: Thomas Ferguson (INET)


INET Lecture: Yu Yongding


YSI Lecture: Divergence and convergence in Europe’s 21st Century

Barry Eichengreen (UC Berkeley)

Saturday, June 4th


Meeting of the Finance, Law and Economics, the Economic History and the Financial Stability Working Groups

“Liquidity measures and cash flow accounting in banks” | Asgeir Torfason (University)

“Hjalmar Schacht and the German economic recovery of the 1930s” | Jay Pocklington (INET)
“The payment system of international trade in the interwar period” | Marc Adam (FU Berlin)


Meeting of the Economics of Innovation Working Group


Meeting of the Political Economy of Europe Working Group

Crisis and non-crisis seven years on: a backward look
“Did Euro membership matter? Empirical evidence from a 650 observations panel study” | Francesco Nicoli (University of Trento)
“Spillover Effects of Germany’s Final Demand on Southern Europe” | Enno Schroder (INET)
“The Nordic Model and the Oil Nation” | Roberto Iacono (University of Oslo)

The social and labour dimensions of Europe
“Grounding the comparative institutional advantage in the Mixed Market Economies (MMEs): evidences from the labour relations sphere” | Francesco Galletti (University of Salzburg)
“The Routinization of Labour Market Reforms” | Angelo Martelli (London School of Economics)
“Intra-EU migration, knowledge economy, competitiveness, future of the EU: How are they related?” | Anita Pelle (Szeged University)

Sunday, June 5th


Meeting of the Gender in Economics Working Group

“Rethinking Gender in Social Sciences” | Linda Laura Sabbadini, Roberta Carlini


Meeting of the Philosophy of Economics Working Group


Registering with YSI allows you to participate in the YSI lunches and dinners. We have also preliminarily blocked a large number of rooms at Hotel Everest, due to the high demand during the festival. You may register directly and reserve a subsidized room at 25 Euro/ night, which you will share with another person of the same sex. YSI working groups will have special arrangements, so please be in touch with your coordinator.

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