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States and Markets

The States and Markets Working group reconsiders the relationship between states and markets, the idea that State ‘intervenes’ in the economy, considering both ‘the state’ and ‘the economy’ as two separate spheres, and rethinks categories such as ‘public’ and ‘private’. 

In this working group we are investigating capitalism’s transformations (and capitalist institutions’ transformations, in particular, the State) in the last 25 years in a way that could contribute to further understand the recent re-emergence of nationalism.

  1. The idea that the State “intervenes” in the economy, considering both “the state” and “economy” as two separate spheres.
  2. The idea of a world with two types or models of State: the “liberal” (which does not “intervene” in the economy) and the “benefactor” (the one that does “intervene”).
  3. The idea of a world divided in developed and underdeveloped countries, where dependency is an economic relation between countries (and not, for instance, between capital enterprises).
  4. The categories of “public” and “private”.

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