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Political Economy of Europe

The Working Group on Europe’s Political Economy aims to bring together young researchers, PhD candidates and practitioners from institutions and think tanks to discuss their research findings and push forward a common research agenda on the political economy of European integration.

The list of topics that will be discussed includes (but is
by no means limited to):

• The crisis, its effects, its causes
• Social effects of the crisis/austerity
• Supranational solidarity
• Federalism, republicanism, disintegration
• Political reactions to the crisis
• European governance and institutions
• Economic thinking and the Eurocrisis
• Financial/monetary integration and the Eurocrisis
• Varieties of Capitalism and the Eurocrisis
• European Republicanism; Developing the idea of a
European Republic as an alternative paradigm to explain
European integration

We want especially to encourage students to write their
term papers, your Bachelor/ Master thesis or a whole PhD
about related topics to join the group. You can use the
Working Group to get feedback, get in contact with leading
professors and especially to publish your work in the end.

The final outcome of the working group will be twofold: on
the one hand, we aim to complete a joint policy report
addressing specific recommendations to policy-makers. On
the other hand, we will explore the opportunity of
creating a Special Issue for a leading peer-reviewed
journal to be published in 2017.

The Working Group will hold an inception meeting with
prospective participants in Brussels in the Fall 2015; two
further meetings (Spring 2016/Fall 2016) have been
envisaged. Funding may be available for committed members’
participation in the Group’s meetings.

If you have questions or want to know more, please send an E-Mail to the coordinator

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