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    Philosophy of Economics

    In the Philosophy of Economics working group we dare to ask the most fundamental questions in order to understand our roles as economists in a bigger picture. What is “the economy”? What is economics? What is the relationship between our models and reality? What should it be?


    Political Economy of Europe

    The Working Group on Europe’s Political Economy aims to bring together young researchers, PhD candidates and practitioners from institutions and think tanks to discuss their research findings and push forward a common research agenda on the political economy of European integration.


    South Asia

    YSI South Asia brings together young scholars interested in questions of universal interest in the region: Development, inflation, governance and inequality.


    States and Markets

    The States and Markets Working group reconsiders the relationship between states and markets, the idea that State ‘intervenes’ in the economy, considering both ‘the state’ and ‘the economy’ as two separate spheres, and rethinks categories such as ‘public’ and ‘private’. 



    The Sustainability working group explores how economic thinking can contribute to the mitigation of environmental challenges, such as climate change, pollution or limited resources.


    Urban and Regional Economics

    The Urban and Regional Economics Working Group explores the role of the space on economics and development, the role of the city and the centrality, to show Keynesian and Schumpeterian contribution to URE, as well as the Marxian land rent theory, and, widely, the Political Economy of Urbanization.