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YSI Discussion Group on Inflation

This discussion group is hosted by the Warsaw-based Students’ Association for Finance and Macroeconomics.

YSI is hosting a Warsaw-based discussion group, which also invites other YSI members to join via GoToMeeting. To be added to the discussion group’s Trello account, please contact the organizers.

To join online, please click here.


Session 1: Inflation and deflation in historical perspective

August 27th, 7pm CET

Session 2: The four prices of money

September 26th, 7pm CET

Session 3: The quantity theory of money and inflation

October 17th, 7pm CET

Session 4: Post-Keynesian theories of inflation

October 31st, 7pm CET

Session 5: Cost-push inflation theory

November 14th, 7pm CET

Session 6: The price stability mandate and inflation-targeting of central banks after the global financial crisis