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Special: James Galbraith on Greece

A special session entitled “Towards Grexit?” hosted by the YSI Financial Stability Working Group

James K. Galbraith spoke with YSI’s Financial Stability Working Group today, providing profound insights into the Greek bailout negotiations.

Some of the highlights of the conversation were the following:

  • The dynamics of the negotiations between the Syriza government and the Troika
  • The creditors’ threats to shut down the Greek banking system
  • The rationale behind the referendum and its consequences
  • The reason for Varoufakis’ stepping down as finance minister
  • The dynamics within the Syriza government
  • The Syriza plans and assessment for a possible Grexit
  • The importance of the pension system in Greece, and how the new austerity program would impact the Greek society and economy

In order to listen to the recording, please click here.

The recording of the previous session in this special was featured in Naked Capitalism.