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Collaborative Call for Abstracts “Perspectives for development in the post crisis period”, Festival for New Economic Thinking

The Working Groups on Latin AmericaAfricaEast Asia and Economic Development invite you to submit your work to this collaborative Call for Abstracts. You can indicate which Working Group(s) session you would like to be considered for.

The impact of the crisis on developing countries has defied many pre-established notions. Compared to previous historical episodes developing countries have been able to defy volatility on all fronts: from commodity prices, through exchange rate to capital flows. These sessions look to explore what explains this apparent resilience. Is it a result of structural changes? Improved macroeconomic policies? Or is it a mirage associated to a ZIRP environment? As a result, are developing countries in a better position to deal today with the challenges of development than they were a decade ago?

Possible topics may include:

- A Review of Structural Changes in Developing Countries

- A Critical Evaluation of Development Macroeconomics

- Good Luck or Good Policy: Recent Experience in Developing Economies

- Development Finance vs. Financing Development in the Post Crisis Period

- Regional Integration as Insurance against Global Volatility

- Wage Led or Profit Led Growth?: Brazil, Chile and other  Emerging Markets

- Inclusive Institutions or Industrial Policy? Recent Growth Experience in Less Developed Economies

- A Growth and Policy Agenda for the Post Crisis Period

- Falling Inequalities of Income in Select Countries: What does this mean for Policy?

Submissions ought to be original work. Contributions received will be considered towards a publication coordinated by Hasan Comert (Middle East Technical University, Turkey) and Marcos Reis (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Please click here to submit your abstract.