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About YSI

The Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) is an international community comprised of students, young professionals, and researchers.

We provide a home to students, young professionals, or others who embrace new and critical ways of thinking about the economy.

YSI fosters conversation between like-minded peers and connects young scholars to the Institute’s vast network of economists. YSI provides a platform for pursuing your interests in new economic thinking and a lively and stimulating intellectual environment for collaborating on furthering our understanding of the economy. The goal is for every member to be able to follow their curiosity and find resources and support for their specific intellectual pursuits in the overall community effort.

YSI seeks to foster and support initiatives coming from young scholars who wants to explore new approaches and build community around new economic thinking. Our community is open to Young Scholars at levels, who want to contribute to our efforts. You can get to know our working groups, stay updated on events and much more.

Welcome to the community of young scholars!