Matthew Kulvicki is interviewed by Vice on a video he made for Senator Eric Adams while working in Albany

“VICE spoke with Kulvicki, who now works as the Director of Film and Video at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, about what it was like to film Adams that day. As it turns out, the story of how the project came to be is almost as ridiculous as the video itself. … And I’m thinking, No, I probably wouldn’t put a revolver in my pillow. But I’m not gonna tell him that. Usually, you put that between your mattress and your box spring, if you’ve watched any movie ever, but I was like, “OK.” He had another pistol in a jewelry box that he pulled on me, and you can see my reaction with the camera. He didn’t warn me that there was a second gun in there. He was like, “I’m just gonna wander around the room and find things. … We disagree on some things—I might be a little bit further left—but he cares a lot and works hard. He cares about the people that live in New York. He’s from New York. He has a long history of working in New York. I would vote for him over Andrew Yang, or the banker [Raymond McGuire]. But Eric Adams probably shouldn’t be mayor either. I don’t know. I think you [New Yorkers] have a real problem.” Drew Schwartz, Vice

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